Your Will is important ...

In an age of increasing complexity in legislative requirements, business affairs and even in the nature of family arrangements themselves, it is more than ever important for everyone to have an up to date Will and Power of Attorney that expresses fully and accurately a persons considered intentions regarding their property and financial affairs both now and for the future. To undertake this important task, it is very necessary to obtain legal assistance to properly chart the correct path.

To leave this area of life to chance involves the risk of inadequately providing for loved ones. Equally, a Will that fails to address important legal or financial implications may leave beneficiaries open to unwanted claims against a persons estate.

Accordingly, the obtaining of professional legal advice is indispensible for ensuring the legal adequacy of any Will and lasting "Peace of Mind" for the client concerned.

Rob Ward is committed to ensuring that the best interests of clients and their estates are of paramount importance at all times.